The Best Healthy Snacks To Lose Weight

Losing weight is undoubtedly challenging, especially when there are so many unhealthy snacks and fast foods that are easily available. These foods are void of any nutritional value and mainly contain lots of empty calories that actually cause weight gain. However, avoiding snacks completely while on a diet is not recommended since it will lead to binging and relapse in the long run. So, in order to prevent this from happening, it is important to incorporate healthy snacks into one’s diet. This article will now cover some of the best recipes of healthy snacks to lose weight that anyone can make.

glass of delicious yogurt musli and strawberriesWhen looking for a healthy snack, fruit should be considered before anything else. Fruits contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are excellent for the body. Some fruits can even speed up weight loss, which is definitely desired. However, in order to make this more satisfying, it is best to pair fruit with a source of protein. So, for example, an apple that is eaten with a glass of milk would be more filling due to the protein in the milk. This will cause an increase in energy levels for a couple of hours while reducing overall hunger. Fruit can also be paired with cheese or slices of deli meat. Apples can be eaten with turkey or salami slices or cheddar cheese. These snacks are a mix of sweet and savory that most people enjoy.

Fruit smoothies are another option for a sweet treat that is quite healthy and low in calories. One example would be blending a mix of frozen berries, greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, water and honey. This is a sweet and tasty treat that would only be approximately 200 calories per serving. Best of all, fruit smoothies are quite versatile and can be made using different fruits, protein powders etc.

Another healthy snack would be to finely chop a pear, mix in some cottage cheese and chopped walnuts. This can then be spread on a slice of bread or toast. This is an extremely filling snack that will provide the energy needed to get through the day or even to the gym. It is only 200 calories, which makes it the perfect mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack.

Most people have strong cravings for chocolates and typical snack foods like cake, brownies, cookies etc. These snacks are high in calories, sugars and should be avoided while on a diet. However, there are lower calorie versions that can be made and enjoyed. When making these treats, it is best to swap out white flour and use whole wheat flour and add in lots of oats and seeds for fiber. The butter can be replaced with pureed apple sauce which will reduce the amount of saturated fat and overall caloric content. Best of all, these swaps won’t alter the taste or flavor.

We have just covered a few healthy snacks to lose weight that anyone can make. Be sure to continue researching for more snack recipes to make the weight loss process easier and more enjoyable.