The Best Healthy Snacks For Kids

All kids enjoy eating snacks, however, snacks that are high in sugar, fat and sodium will cause them to gain weight and become unhealthy. There are now many cases of juvenile diabetes that has been caused due to over-consumption of sweet snacks. This is a health epidemic in the West since these unhealthy snacks are marketed directly to kids and teenagers. As a result, it is up to the parents and family to change their snacking habits and provide healthier alternatives. It would be extremely difficult to prevent snacking on the whole and is not advisable since this may lead to secret eating. So, this article will cover some of the best healthy snacks for kids that the entire family can enjoy.

Collection of healthy snacks particularly for children.  Includes ants on a log, trail mix, apple and cheese, frozen yogurt, smiley face sandwich, fruit salad and kebabs, and a healthy lunchbox.The easiest type of snack to prepare are of course, fruits. These are basically nature’s candy and they will not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also provide lots of vitamins and minerals for health and well being. It is best to prepare a simple fruit salad instead of just giving the child a whole fruit. For example, simply wash and cut up an apple, grapes, strawberries and pears and place in a bowl. This is actually quite attractive and colorful while resembling candy so the child will be more interested in eating it as a result. It can be made even more appealing by drizzling some chocolate or caramel syrup on top, however, don’t use too much.

Most kids will enjoy sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are much healthier than normal potatoes and contain complex carbohydrates which the body can use for more energy. So, instead of buying regular potato chips, purchase a few sweet potatoes, slice them thinly and bake instead of frying. By baking the fries, they will be significantly healthier and contain less saturated fat. As a result, it will become a healthy snack that the kids won’t even realize is healthy.

Another popular treat for children is ice cream. However, store bought ice cream contains tons of sugar, artificial flavors, chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, home-made ice pops are a great option that can be made by simply mixing orange juice and yogurt and freezing for a couple of hours. These ice pops are full of vitamin C and will provide a healthy cool treat that the entire family would enjoy.

Most kids love cookies, but again, these are usually filled with unhealthy ingredients that should be avoided. Instead, it is better to make cookies at home where healthier ingredient are substituted. So, instead of using white flour, use whole wheat flour as well as applesauce to replace the butter. Oats can also be added as well as flax seeds which will add some much needed fiber. These healthier cookies will not only be tasty but quite nutritious and the kids won’t be able to tell the difference.

We have covered some of the best healthy snacks for kids that any parent can easily prepare. So, be sure to put these recipes into action and re-define snack time.