Kid Friendly Healthy Snack List

Many parents know the following picture oh-so-well. The children in the home are sent off to build their little brains only to return home with hungry little tummies. Too much food before dinner is not a good thing. But having a small healthy snack list of nourishment already prepared makes a parent a hero.

Woman feeding kids with fresh vegetables - the joy of eating healthy foodToo often, after school snacks consists of greasy left over pieces of pizza, additive and preservative packed fast freezer meals and other unhealthy foods. Another common action taken by adults is allowing children to consume massive amounts of high sugar consumables. Both of these scenarios can actually do much more harm than good.

Being able to help children wind down to complete chores and homework assignments is very important in many households. Providing the right food choices during snack time goes a long way in helping young folks establish lifelong habits that will serve them well. Undoubtedly, classrooms and social interaction provide a great deal of education, but the building of character begins at home.

Maintaining healthy ready to eat snacks is not only a fantastic opportunity for supplementing the diets of children, it creates habits. Young children develop a sense of what to reach for between the three important meals of the day. The following tips may be very helpful in achieving this.

Snacks should be free of hassle for both a parent as well as the young one. In addition to that, they should be visually inviting when possible.

1. Age old blender favorites such as smoothies continue to go over very well during all times of the year. It is amazing what a pinch of nuts, mixed fresh fruits and a cup of flavorful yogurt can accomplish.

2. Peanut butter and celery are another awesome treat to nibble on between meals. To add a little variety from day-to-day, apples and peanut butter can be a great substitute.

3. Salads made with the fruits children in the house love can be prepared in large portions and stored in small ready to eat refrigerated bowls.

4. Delightful slices of fresh fruit are usually a big winner because everyone in the household can partake of the delicious treat at any time.

5. Deviled eggs, tuna wrapped in lettuce and even rolled up lean meat cuts held together by toothpicks is another attractive way to interest the kids in eating healthy.

These ideas can be added to a healthy snack list along with many of the other creative ideas that come to mind.

The list would most definitely be incomplete if “munchy bowls” are not included. Some people refer to them as snack bowls or bags. Many people remember reaching for these combinations of snacks not only as children but as adults also.

Banana slices, watermelon chunks, sweet raisins and even apricots can be purchased in the dry form. Some families even practice drying out their own fruits and vegetables. Combining all or a variety of these dried goods do great for snacks on the run.